2016-07-23 Syntclipse 1.1.0

2015-12-31 Syntclipse 1.0.5

  • Shadertoy importer: Added new textures
  • Shadertoy importer: Added handling of texture2DGradEXT
  • Fixed nasty bug on Windows (especially on Windows 10): On Uniform Controls View, after scrolling, parts of the view that should be invisible overlap surrounding area.
  • Added native libraries for Mac OS (by Han Maokun). Now audio playback/capture should work also on Apple computers.
  • Added experimental Kinect support (by Han Maokun). Tested only on Mac OS. Might not work on other OSes.

2015-09-19 Synthclipse 1.0.4

2015-08-21 Synthclipse 1.0.3

  • Added Keyboard Uniform Control (compatible with Shadertoy keyboard input)
  • Updated Shadertoy importer to support Keyboard Uniform Control
  • Timeline: Added key frames export to the GLSL (for now only linear or Catmull-Rom interpolations are supported, for all frames). Screenshot #2.
  • Fixed audio player timer issue (the timer was always 2-3 seconds ahead of the true playback time). Now Shadertoy audio shaders should be better synchronized
  • Fixed importing shaders directly to a project folder. Previously only importing to a sub-folder (e.g. "src") worked
  • Fixed Shadertoy importer. Now URLs that ends with "#" sign are handled correctly
  • Improved GLSL Sandbox importer (better handling of surfaceSize uniform)
  • Direction Uniform Controls are now always normalized at startup of a shader (you don't need to define these vectors normalized anymore)
  • Enabled "Target" vector spinners in the Camera View when in "Free Camera" mode
  • Recording dialog now can be minimized (but since it is a modal window, the whole Synthclipse will be always minimized with the Recording Dialog). This probably works only on Windows though.

2015-07-31 Synthclipse 1.0.2

2015-06-25 Synthclipse 1.0.1

  • Improved Fragmentarium importer (now key frames from 3Dickulus version are automatically imported to the Timeline)
  • Improved Shadertoy importer (added "sample" keyword and double underscore "__" replacer)
  • Enabled animation playback in the Progressive Mode (subframes aren't calculated during playback)
  • Added screenshot dialog with preview and option to save image to file
  • Added Assembler code preview (nVidia only)
  • Added Ctrl + Shift Free Camera rotation mode. Works like rotation with Shift only but always using Up vector equal to (0, 1, 0).
  • Added "subframeCount" build-in uniform variable
  • Fixed bug with incorrect time when recording a picture (it was dependent on animation option "Start from current time", now it is not)
  • Fixed bug with not fully correct preset save when Timeline was turned off right after it was turned on and some key frames was recorded
  • Fixed recording cancellation error
  • Fixed Rotation UC spinner bug
  • Timeline: Fixed double step of the next/previous frame buttons when clicking only once
  • Timeline: Added "Slerp" interpolation for the Rotation 3D Uniform Controls. (In fact Linear interpolation was already using Slerp under the hood, but now Linear is truly Linear and Slerp is Slerp)
  • JSX API: Added missing functions getActiveAttrib(), getActiveUniform() from the WebGL 1.0 Spec
  • Synthclipse distribution switched to Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)

2015-05-21 Synthclipse 1.0.0

2015-05-11 Synthclipse 0.9.17

  • Added "Record current state" functionality to the Timeline
  • Added automatic check for updates
  • Added "Go to destination directory" button in the Recording View
  • Fixed subtle bug when recording key frame animations (some frames ware blurred)
  • Fixed time formatting error when displaying less than 100 ms
  • Timeline: fixed bug with mixed presets (with key frames and without key frames). Now key frames are only showed for presets which they belongs to.
  • Timeline: fixed bug with wrong slider values after entering edit mode of a key frame
  • Timeline: fixed "show only recorded items" behaviour after reloading a shader
  • Timeline: changed next/previous key frame order from vertical to horizontal

2015-05-09 Synthclipse 0.9.16

2015-05-06 Synthclipse 0.9.15

2015-03-21 Synthclipse 0.9.14

2015-03-08 Synthclipse 0.9.13

  • Redesigned Uniform Controls View
  • Added "Take screenshot" action to the Synthclipse main menu and to the Viewport View's toolbar. The action can be also triggered by a key shortcut.
  • Improved CheckBox Uniform Control Widget
  • Changed frame time units from seconds to milliseconds in the Rendering View
  • Fixed Shadertoy importer
  • Fixed "GLSL Sandbox" importer

2015-01-25 Synthclipse 0.9.12

  • Added mouse wheel support to slider components. Now one can use mouse roll to change value of any slider.
  • Fixed mouse release behaviour in Shadertoy shaders
  • Fixed iChannelResolution uniform variable handling
  • Fixed Fragmentarium importer (there was no new lines after texture uniforms)
  • Added support for HDR texture format (experimental)
  • Added parsing of GLSL program log messages (apart from shader log messages) - useful with NVidia video cards
  • Made Audio Player View more compact
  • Added new functions to JSX API:

2015-01-11 Synthclipse 0.9.11

2014-12-24 Synthclipse 0.9.10

  • Added image preview to Texture Uniform Controls
  • Added "2x Viewport" option to "Buffer size" combo in the Rendering View
  • Camera's zoom factor is now remembered between builds of the same shader
  • Fixed Intel GLSL message parser
  • Fixed file permission error while recording

2014-11-30 Synthclipse 0.9.9

  • Fixed random long load time for shaders in animation mode
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding problem in shader code. Now even shaders with special characters can be loaded
  • Fixed float scientific notation parsing error in presets
  • Added tooltips with key bindings for Animation and Audio control buttons (Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous)

2014-11-04 Synthclipse

  • Added Linux native libraries for the Audio Player. Now one can play music and capture an audio input on the Linux as well

2014-10-23 Synthclipse 0.9.8

2014-09-21 Synthclipse 0.9.7

  • Added buffer size presets and autoscaling (to chosen ration of the Viewport) in the Rendering View
  • Now buffer size can be changed without the need of rebuilding a shader or script
  • Added Rotation 2D Uniform Control (for float and mat2 uniforms)
  • Fixed bug in Color Uniform Control parser

2014-09-10 Synthclipse 0.9.6

  • Added Spout sharing functionality on Windows (Screenshot)
  • Fixed rendering with custom Viewport size in JSX scripts
  • Fixed block comments parsing inside a code
  • Fixed GLSL Sandbox importer

2014-09-03 Synthclipse 0.9.5

  • Round brackets are now optional in direction and rotation Uniform Controls
  • Added "Pause" after build mode in the Rendering View
  • If "Repeat" Checkbox is selected in the Rendering View, frame stepping loops to the beginning or to the end, depending on stepping direction
  • Added "Refresh" button to the Viewport View
  • Added "Auto load default preset" button to the Uniform Controls View
  • Added "Keep parameters between builds" to the Uniform Controls View
  • Fixed Shadertoy exporter

2014-08-27 Synthclipse 0.9.4

  • Added Frame Stepper buttons in the Rendering View
  • "Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Save automatically before build" now works as expected (no more "Do you want to save?" dialog before launching)
  • Added "synth_CameraPosition" uniform (same as "Eye" uniform - it is just alias)
  • Fixed refreshing texture issue when loading presets
  • Checkbox Uniform Controls are now toggled when clicking anywhere within control space (not only by clicking on a checkbox)
  • Fixed Shadertoy import of textures tex14.png, tex15.png (they use different filter and wrap mode than default)

2014-08-14 Synthclipse 0.9.3

  • Code Preview is now available for GLSL programs created in JSX script (by ProgramFactory or Synthclipse.loadFragx())
  • Fixed handling texture Uniform Controls in programs created in JSX scripts
  • Synchronized UCs are now printed in the Console View afer program/shader is loaded
  • Fixed spherical camera bug: When in scripts one set spherical camera and showed the Camera View, Free camera was always selected

2014-08-11 Synthclipse 0.9.2

  • Added ComboBox Uniform Control
  • Changing Multisampling mode in the Preferences now doesn't require Eclipse restart
  • Fixed "Restart group", "Restart all" buttons in the Uniform Controls View
  • Fixed missing log messages with levels below INFO (TRACE, DEBUG)
  • Fixed double Uniform Controls View when Viewport View was hidden
  • Added links to shader errors in the Console View, for shaders created in JSX scripts using ProgramFactory

2014-08-05 Synthclipse 0.9.1

  • Fixed Shadertoy importer
  • Fixed incorrect sub-frame rendering (seen in GraphPlotter.fragx shader)
  • From now on JavaScript nature will be added to every new Synthclipse project during creation

2014-07-29 Synthclipse 0.9.0

  • Added JavaScript (JSX) scripting support
  • Added support for other types of shaders (Geometry, Tessellation, Compute)
  • Added Run Configurations support (last few shaders are now remembered in the "Run" menu)
  • Added more sophisticated Color Uniform Control
  • Lots of little bug fixes

2014-03-13 Synthclipse 0.2.2

  • Fixed error line hyperlinks for NVidia's hardware
  • Cleaned synthclipse header
  • Fixed issues with deprecated functions and variables: "texture2D", "textureCube", "gl_FragColor"
  • Added scrollbars to Recording View, Rendering View, Audio Player View

2014-03-11 Synthclipse 0.2.1

  • Fixed cube map's path resolving
  • Fixed "random" compilation error (sometimes shaders didn't compile)

2014-03-10 Synthclipse 0.2.0

  • Added high quality recording support (Recording View)
  • Added maximize/restore by double click on Viewport View
  • Minor fixes in parser

2014-02-22 Synthclipse 0.1.3

2014-02-18 Synthclipse 0.1.2

  • Added direction 2D tool
  • Added frame time to Rendering View

2014-02-16 Synthclipse 0.1.1

  • fixed Camera View (issues with swing2swt)