2014-08-14 Synthclipse 0.9.3

- Code Preview is now available for GLSL programs created in JSX script (by ProgramFactory or Synthclipse.loadFragx())
- Fixed handling texture Uniform Controls in programs created in JSX scripts
- Synchronized UCs are now printed in the Console View afer program/shader is loaded
- Fixed spherical camera bug: When in scripts one set spherical camera and showed the Camera View, Free camera was always selected

2014-08-11 Synthclipse 0.9.2

- Added ComboBox Uniform Control
- Changing Multisampling mode in the Preferences now doesn't require Eclipse restart
- Fixed "Restart group", "Restart all" buttons in the Uniform Controls View
- Fixed missing log messages with levels below INFO (TRACE, DEBUG)
- Fixed double Uniform Controls View when Viewport View was hidden
- Added links to shader errors in the Console View, for shaders created in JSX scripts using ProgramFactory

2014-08-05 Synthclipse 0.9.1

- Fixed Shadertoy importer
- Fixed incorrect sub-frame rendering (seen in GraphPlotter.fragx shader)
- From now on JavaScript nature will be added to every new Synthclipse project during creation

2014-07-29 Synthclipse 0.9.0

- Added JavaScript (JSX) scripting support
- Added support for other types of shaders (Geometry, Tessellation, Compute)
- Added Run Configurations support (last few shaders are now remembered in the "Run" menu)
- Added more sophisticated Color Uniform Control
- Lots of little bug fixes

2014-03-13 Synthclipse 0.2.2

- Fixed error line hyperlinks for NVidia's hardware
- Cleaned synthclipse header
- Fixed issues with deprecated functions and variables: "texture2D", "textureCube", "gl_FragColor"
- Added scrollbars to Recording View, Rendering View, Audio Player View

2014-03-11 Synthclipse 0.2.1

- Fixed cube map's path resolving
- Fixed "random" compilation error (sometimes shaders didn't compile)

2014-03-10 Synthclipse 0.2.0

- Added high quality recording support (Recording View)
- Added maximize/restore by double click on Viewport View
- Minor fixes in parser

2014-02-22 Synthclipse 0.1.3

- Added GLSL Sandbox importer

2014-02-18 Synthclipse 0.1.2

- Added direction 2D tool
- Added frame time to Rendering View

2014-02-16 Synthclipse 0.1.1

- fixed Camera View (issues with swing2swt)