2018-04-22 Synthclipse 2.1.1

  • Updated Shadertoy importer to support "Common tab" feature
  • Fixed MacOS native libraries (Thanks to David Naranjo and Pedro Lopez)
  • Fixed many small bugs (discovered by Chris Jordan)

2018-01-22 Synthclipse 2.1.0

2017-09-30 Synthclipse 2.0.2

2017-07-06 Synthclipse 2.0.1

  • Fixed recording on the Timeline/Graph
  • Fixed a bug with remembering previous buffer file between builds in a Buffer Uniform Control
  • Fixed Shadertoy importer (shaders with multiple passes were imported incorrectly)
  • Timeline/Graph: save icon is now grayed out if there is nothing to save
  • Added optional texture parameters to the Music Uniform Control
  • Synthclipse prepackaged version updated to Eclipse 4.7 Oxygen

2017-05-21 Synthclipse 2.0.0

2017-02-23 Syntclipse 1.2.0

2016-12-15 Syntclipse 1.1.4

2016-11-13 Syntclipse 1.1.3

  • Added Synthclipse Preprocessor
  • Added Build Next/Previous key shortcuts (without default key strokes). These shortcuts will run next or previous shaders from the same folder as current shader
  • Added "//! synthclipse_skip" command. It tells Synthclipse to not modify given line. For now is only applicable to lines with "gl_FragCoord"
  • Fixed incorrect rendering of Spinner component
  • JSX scripts: Fixed issue with not working manual setting up camera parameters

2016-10-17 Syntclipse 1.1.2

2016-08-31 Syntclipse 1.1.1

  • Bugfix: Native libraries on OSX now should finally work (Thanks to Han Maokun)
  • Bugfix: Min, max, step size values are now remembered between builds
  • Bugfix: using mouse scroll on a slider is now more precise (step size is preserved)
  • Bugfix: After pressing "Hide inactive uniforms" widgets are now refreshed (Previously they were reset to default state)
  • Bugfix: Shadertoy exporter now works correctly with presets with min, max, step size values
  • Added key shortcut for toggling fullscreen of the Viewport View (default is "Esc", but it can be changed in the Preferences. The key shortcut works only when the Viewport View is focused)

2016-07-23 Syntclipse 1.1.0

2015-12-31 Syntclipse 1.0.5

  • Shadertoy importer: Added new textures
  • Shadertoy importer: Added handling of texture2DGradEXT
  • Fixed nasty bug on Windows (especially on Windows 10): On Uniform Controls View, after scrolling, parts of the view that should be invisible overlap surrounding area.
  • Added native libraries for Mac OS (by Han Maokun). Now audio playback/capture should work also on Apple computers.
  • Added experimental Kinect support (by Han Maokun). Tested only on Mac OS. Might not work on other OSes.

2015-09-19 Synthclipse 1.0.4

2015-08-21 Synthclipse 1.0.3

  • Added Keyboard Uniform Control (compatible with Shadertoy keyboard input)
  • Updated Shadertoy importer to support Keyboard Uniform Control
  • Timeline: Added key frames export to the GLSL (for now only linear or Catmull-Rom interpolations are supported, for all frames). Screenshot #2.
  • Fixed audio player timer issue (the timer was always 2-3 seconds ahead of the true playback time). Now Shadertoy audio shaders should be better synchronized
  • Fixed importing shaders directly to a project folder. Previously only importing to a sub-folder (e.g. "src") worked
  • Fixed Shadertoy importer. Now URLs that ends with "#" sign are handled correctly
  • Improved GLSL Sandbox importer (better handling of surfaceSize uniform)
  • Direction Uniform Controls are now always normalized at startup of a shader (you don't need to define these vectors normalized anymore)
  • Enabled "Target" vector spinners in the Camera View when in "Free Camera" mode
  • Recording dialog now can be minimized (but since it is a modal window, the whole Synthclipse will be always minimized with the Recording Dialog). This probably works only on Windows though.

2015-07-31 Synthclipse 1.0.2

2015-06-25 Synthclipse 1.0.1

  • Improved Fragmentarium importer (now key frames from 3Dickulus version are automatically imported to the Timeline)
  • Improved Shadertoy importer (added "sample" keyword and double underscore "__" replacer)
  • Enabled animation playback in the Progressive Mode (subframes aren't calculated during playback)
  • Added screenshot dialog with preview and option to save image to file
  • Added Assembler code preview (nVidia only)
  • Added Ctrl + Shift Free Camera rotation mode. Works like rotation with Shift only but always using Up vector equal to (0, 1, 0).
  • Added "subframeCount" build-in uniform variable
  • Fixed bug with incorrect time when recording a picture (it was dependent on animation option "Start from current time", now it is not)
  • Fixed bug with not fully correct preset save when Timeline was turned off right after it was turned on and some key frames was recorded
  • Fixed recording cancellation error
  • Fixed Rotation UC spinner bug
  • Timeline: Fixed double step of the next/previous frame buttons when clicking only once
  • Timeline: Added "Slerp" interpolation for the Rotation 3D Uniform Controls. (In fact Linear interpolation was already using Slerp under the hood, but now Linear is truly Linear and Slerp is Slerp)
  • JSX API: Added missing functions getActiveAttrib(), getActiveUniform() from the WebGL 1.0 Spec
  • Synthclipse distribution switched to Eclipse 4.5 (Mars)

2015-05-21 Synthclipse 1.0.0

2015-05-11 Synthclipse 0.9.17

  • Added "Record current state" functionality to the Timeline
  • Added automatic check for updates
  • Added "Go to destination directory" button in the Recording View
  • Fixed subtle bug when recording key frame animations (some frames ware blurred)
  • Fixed time formatting error when displaying less than 100 ms
  • Timeline: fixed bug with mixed presets (with key frames and without key frames). Now key frames are only showed for presets which they belongs to.
  • Timeline: fixed bug with wrong slider values after entering edit mode of a key frame
  • Timeline: fixed "show only recorded items" behaviour after reloading a shader
  • Timeline: changed next/previous key frame order from vertical to horizontal

2015-05-09 Synthclipse 0.9.16

2015-05-06 Synthclipse 0.9.15

2015-03-21 Synthclipse 0.9.14

2015-03-08 Synthclipse 0.9.13

  • Redesigned Uniform Controls View
  • Added "Take screenshot" action to the Synthclipse main menu and to the Viewport View's toolbar. The action can be also triggered by a key shortcut.
  • Improved CheckBox Uniform Control Widget
  • Changed frame time units from seconds to milliseconds in the Rendering View
  • Fixed Shadertoy importer
  • Fixed "GLSL Sandbox" importer

2015-01-25 Synthclipse 0.9.12

  • Added mouse wheel support to slider components. Now one can use mouse roll to change value of any slider.
  • Fixed mouse release behaviour in Shadertoy shaders
  • Fixed iChannelResolution uniform variable handling
  • Fixed Fragmentarium importer (there was no new lines after texture uniforms)
  • Added support for HDR texture format (experimental)
  • Added parsing of GLSL program log messages (apart from shader log messages) - useful with NVidia video cards
  • Made Audio Player View more compact
  • Added new functions to JSX API:

2015-01-11 Synthclipse 0.9.11

2014-12-24 Synthclipse 0.9.10

  • Added image preview to Texture Uniform Controls
  • Added "2x Viewport" option to "Buffer size" combo in the Rendering View
  • Camera's zoom factor is now remembered between builds of the same shader
  • Fixed Intel GLSL message parser
  • Fixed file permission error while recording

2014-11-30 Synthclipse 0.9.9

  • Fixed random long load time for shaders in animation mode
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding problem in shader code. Now even shaders with special characters can be loaded
  • Fixed float scientific notation parsing error in presets
  • Added tooltips with key bindings for Animation and Audio control buttons (Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous)

2014-11-04 Synthclipse

  • Added Linux native libraries for the Audio Player. Now one can play music and capture an audio input on the Linux as well

2014-10-23 Synthclipse 0.9.8

2014-09-21 Synthclipse 0.9.7

  • Added buffer size presets and autoscaling (to chosen ration of the Viewport) in the Rendering View
  • Now buffer size can be changed without the need of rebuilding a shader or script
  • Added Rotation 2D Uniform Control (for float and mat2 uniforms)
  • Fixed bug in Color Uniform Control parser

2014-09-10 Synthclipse 0.9.6

  • Added Spout sharing functionality on Windows (Screenshot)
  • Fixed rendering with custom Viewport size in JSX scripts
  • Fixed block comments parsing inside a code
  • Fixed GLSL Sandbox importer

2014-09-03 Synthclipse 0.9.5

  • Round brackets are now optional in direction and rotation Uniform Controls
  • Added "Pause" after build mode in the Rendering View
  • If "Repeat" Checkbox is selected in the Rendering View, frame stepping loops to the beginning or to the end, depending on stepping direction
  • Added "Refresh" button to the Viewport View
  • Added "Auto load default preset" button to the Uniform Controls View
  • Added "Keep parameters between builds" to the Uniform Controls View
  • Fixed Shadertoy exporter

2014-08-27 Synthclipse 0.9.4

  • Added Frame Stepper buttons in the Rendering View
  • "Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Save automatically before build" now works as expected (no more "Do you want to save?" dialog before launching)
  • Added "synth_CameraPosition" uniform (same as "Eye" uniform - it is just alias)
  • Fixed refreshing texture issue when loading presets
  • Checkbox Uniform Controls are now toggled when clicking anywhere within control space (not only by clicking on a checkbox)
  • Fixed Shadertoy import of textures tex14.png, tex15.png (they use different filter and wrap mode than default)

2014-08-14 Synthclipse 0.9.3

  • Code Preview is now available for GLSL programs created in JSX script (by ProgramFactory or Synthclipse.loadFragx())
  • Fixed handling texture Uniform Controls in programs created in JSX scripts
  • Synchronized UCs are now printed in the Console View afer program/shader is loaded
  • Fixed spherical camera bug: When in scripts one set spherical camera and showed the Camera View, Free camera was always selected

2014-08-11 Synthclipse 0.9.2

  • Added ComboBox Uniform Control
  • Changing Multisampling mode in the Preferences now doesn't require Eclipse restart
  • Fixed "Restart group", "Restart all" buttons in the Uniform Controls View
  • Fixed missing log messages with levels below INFO (TRACE, DEBUG)
  • Fixed double Uniform Controls View when Viewport View was hidden
  • Added links to shader errors in the Console View, for shaders created in JSX scripts using ProgramFactory

2014-08-05 Synthclipse 0.9.1

  • Fixed Shadertoy importer
  • Fixed incorrect sub-frame rendering (seen in GraphPlotter.fragx shader)
  • From now on JavaScript nature will be added to every new Synthclipse project during creation

2014-07-29 Synthclipse 0.9.0

  • Added JavaScript (JSX) scripting support
  • Added support for other types of shaders (Geometry, Tessellation, Compute)
  • Added Run Configurations support (last few shaders are now remembered in the "Run" menu)
  • Added more sophisticated Color Uniform Control
  • Lots of little bug fixes

2014-03-13 Synthclipse 0.2.2

  • Fixed error line hyperlinks for NVidia's hardware
  • Cleaned synthclipse header
  • Fixed issues with deprecated functions and variables: "texture2D", "textureCube", "gl_FragColor"
  • Added scrollbars to Recording View, Rendering View, Audio Player View

2014-03-11 Synthclipse 0.2.1

  • Fixed cube map's path resolving
  • Fixed "random" compilation error (sometimes shaders didn't compile)

2014-03-10 Synthclipse 0.2.0

  • Added high quality recording support (Recording View)
  • Added maximize/restore by double click on Viewport View
  • Minor fixes in parser

2014-02-22 Synthclipse 0.1.3

2014-02-18 Synthclipse 0.1.2

  • Added direction 2D tool
  • Added frame time to Rendering View

2014-02-16 Synthclipse 0.1.1

  • fixed Camera View (issues with swing2swt)