Synthclipse is mainly being developed by me ☺ - Kamil Kołaczyński (I don't like to write about myself in third person). I'm a software engineer, living in Łódź, Poland, currently working as software developer at HARMAN Connected Services. Since English is not my native language, forgive me if there are some strange, incorrect, phrases somewhere in my texts. But please let me know about them.

A lot of the concepts used in Synthclipse were invented by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen and first implemented in his own creation – Fragmentarium. I haven't wanted to just copy Mikael's ideas but I've wanted to have solid foundations without reinventing the wheel.

With Fragmentarium functionalities as a starting point I've gone into my own direction. I've focused more on music visualization, generic OpenGL programming (JSX scripts) with all types of shaders, Shadertoy development and recently key frame animations using a timeline.

Some shaders included in Synthcilpse were written by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen, Iñigo Quilez, Kali and others. All credits are always included in a shader header comments.

SandWorld/Kinnect module was developed by Han Maokun.

Assets (music, textures) used in Synthclipse were made by Juan Alberto "stage7" Martínez, Paul Debevec, Jose Manuel Perez (, and others (See LICENSE.txt in resources parent directory).

Synthclipse splash screen logo was designed by Patryk Kizny.

Other resources used by Synthclipse: